About Us

I started Timeless Flight myself in 2017.  A clothing brand that had a goal of being able to teach kids around the world to find happiness doing what they love, whatever that was. Through the difficulties of the past years, the clothing brand took a hit, but made me realize that there was more to be done. In November of 2021, I closed the entity that was Timeless Flight, in favor of something new.

In the trying times, I started meeting with and working with more artists and friends. Conversations spanned from art, to who we are and what defines us. Denver is a beautiful city, with a budding art scene, but has no place to localize and build together. In working with other creators in other fields, I found a new goal.

Timeless Airline is focused on creating content for and about artists, inspiring everyone to pick up a brush, turn on that camera, or pick up the mic. WE want to give you a platform, a space to make and fly higher than you ever have before. This is for me, for you, for us. What do you want to make?

- Daniel Meneses
Founder and Lead Director